We are a private billing service. Please call our office for more details.

Pensioner card and health care card holders will be charged at a lower rate.

Will I get a rebate from medicare?

Yes, most patients receive a rebate if you have a valid medicare card.

If you are not able to receive a rebate from medicare, you will be informed prior to your appointment. There are certain terms and conditions which medicare uses, most importantly, having a valid GP referral. 

Can I see Dr Ada without a referral from my GP?

This would not be advised as your GP should be the centre of your management. Also, you will not be eligible for any medicare rebates without a valid referral. 

Does private health insurance cover specialist appointments?

By law, private health insurance does not offer cover for out-of-hospital medical services including: GP visits, consultations with specialists in their rooms or out-of-hospital diagnostic imaging and tests.