Your GP refers you

A GP referral to Dr Ada is required for you to claim a rebate from medicare and is important to summarise your medical history as well as allowing your primary care doctor to be the centre of your care.


Call our office

Make a booking to see Dr Ada at a convenient time. If your referral is deemed more urgent by your GP, please mention this to our staff.


Text reminder

A text reminder will be sent the day before your appointment where you can send us a confirmation text in response.


Attend your appointment

On the day of your appointment, you will have a consultation and if necessary, further testing including an echocardiogram and/or a stress echocardiogram.


Fees and rebate

Following your appointment, your fee is payable by cash or card. Cheques are not accepted. If you have a valid referral and a medicare card, we are usually able to process your rebate with medicare so you are rebated immediately.


Avoid repeat appointments

We firmly believe in sorting out your health within one visit to our clinic if possible. However, if follow-up is required, this can be booked immediately after your consult to avoid waitlists.