Are you experiencing chest pain or shortness of breath? These symptoms could be a sign of a heart condition and should not be ignored. At our clinic, our highly trained cardiologist Dr. Ada is here to help diagnose and treat a wide range of heart conditions.

Our state-of-the-art facility uses the latest technologies and techniques to provide the best possible care for our patients. Dr. Ada is trained in a variety of procedures, including coronary angiography, stress testing, and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

Stress testing is a procedure used to evaluate how well the heart functions during physical activity. The test involves exercising on a treadmill or stationary bike while the heart is monitored using an electrocardiogram (ECG) or echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart).

Coronary angiography is a procedure used to create detailed images of the coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart. The procedure involves inserting a thin, flexible tube called a catheter into a blood vessel and injecting a contrast dye, which allows the arteries to be visualized on x-ray images.

PCI is a common procedure used to treat coronary artery disease, where a stent is placed in the coronary artery to improve blood flow to the heart. At our clinic, we use the latest technologies such as intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) to ensure that stents are placed accurately and effectively.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a heart condition, don't hesitate to contact our clinic. Our experienced cardiologist Dr Ada is here to provide the care and support you need to keep your heart healthy